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gargg: From LIJ to LIC

发信人: gargg (小浣熊), 信区: MedicalCareer
标  题: From LIJ to LIC
发信站: Unknown Space - 未名空间 (Mon Nov 29 00:05:36 2004) WWW-POST

From LIJ to LIC
The people in nyc all know the LIJ(long island jewish medical center). Here we
see so many chinese people work hard, I dream somedays, new hospital LIC will
be built.

Very good idea. Actually everybody's efforts here is far beyond personal
development. Back to old days, over 100 years chinese immigration history, the
most of chinese in USA are laborer. Only recent 20 years, a lot of chinese
intellectures come to this country, actually taiwaness intellecture came here
started from 50's of last century, the thing will be changed soon, I mean
"soon" may need 1-2 generation.

. go back to the other rooms for reading. Roy, I agree, it may need several
generations. Chinese people currently are still in the place to compete with
Inidian, not Jewish. Look at the residency in all over USA, a lot of Indian
and Chinese.
The medical ecology will be changed by minority's join. I'm still not sure the
changes is going toward "better or worse". Think about the chinese doctors in
new york, new chinese clinic just like bamboo shoot in Chinatown, Flushing,
8th Ave, Emhurst and a lot more. It looks like some days, the number of
chinese clinics will be as many as chinese restruants even more. What happen
when the thing is going to that situation? it seems to be two ways, one is to
leave major cities, the other is to compete with local people. This is why I
said from LIJ to LIC. To that time, chinese doctors have two tasks, techinical
and investment. Build better hospital, provide better service to compete with
other local people.
I assume, today's chinese doctors will be tomorrow's doctor plus investor.

I think this will be happened in next few years. In California, samething like
New York.
The hospitals are pretty full already, this situation will pretty much affects
the chinese doctors completed program in next few years. Currently, it's OK to
open the clinic locally, but don't know how long it will be lasted along with
fast growing chinese, Indian doctors come to market

Let's back to the topic. It is the generic trends in USA that the population
of minority are growing fast. Someone is speculating that after five years,
Mexican will be number one population in California. This speculation is
telling us that white American in some states might be shrinked to minority.
If this will be happened, the job market for growing Chinese and Indian
doctors in not very far future might not be negative.
Actually the most of New Yorker, as far as I know, they don't very reject
mimority now adays. I have a white collegus who told me many times that she
choose chinese family doctor. and even in chinatown chinese doctor clinic,
it's very common to see white American are waitting. I think the "issue" of
minority doctor in New York is not very serious. If we consider this
phenominon as a "trend", the situation we were talking about may not be as
worse as what we thought.
USA is a very dynamic society, the change comes very fast sometimes. As a
chinese doctors or doctor candidates, we have to confidently face the change.

I pretty much agree yours. You are worring too much. American Physician
Association speculates that physician in USA will be shorthanded in next few
years. This is
why J-1 residents can be possible and green card can also be granted if they
agree to work no less five years in areas INS listed. Don't worry, Not

Modern basiness are almost based on coolabration. Yes, there are also a lot
solo practice, but there are more practice groups. Even though you are in solo
practice, you still need to coolabrate with other doctors, radiology, lab....
un-coolabrated chinese? I'm not quite sure. Lawyers are very important in the
business, they should keep farely benefit sharing among all the joiners. In
the old days in china, chinese competed for leader position which is decided
by higher leader. Now, you want be leader? you need to won more shares. Laywer
can help all of these processes are legal. If our chinese people come to this
business envioroment, why don't coorlabrate?

I like this way make your ideas in the fly... It's kind of roaming. This is a
very interesting topic although it's roaming. Immediate issue for many of
chinese is English.
T found the other post here asking you how you convince chinese pople will be
treated fairly in medical field? This issue partially caused by language
problem. We normally have several years prepare in medical research lab. But
medical lab is not good place to improve language skills. it's a relatively
isolated envioroment. What is the most effective way to improve our language
skills before the program?

OK, it's roamed to the language topic. It's depends.. if you like to talk,
improved quiker.
I agree, English is so important. try to imagine if we are attending in China,
we have
several forigners as resident, we feel hard to understand what are they
talking about in the morning round, what do you think? I know a guy dropped
the program for language issue.

Regarding the language skills, I agree it's very important. We have several
people working in the research lab. we have the project with clinical
department. We are joining their morning conference for a while. It's extremly
helpful to improve your English. Sometimes we gave them some ideas about basic
science, they like us very much. We share the clinical experiences in China
sometimes. I'd like everybody who are studying on USMLE exams to know this,
you will be benefited from this exchange, I'm pretty sure.

Very good site! I went over your discussion. I feel you are worring too much.
Medical doctors in USA is deficit in most of areas. They need the img to join
practice. This is why the immigration law is not very restrict to img. You
discussion was for the medical commercial subject, not for job market.
Committee on Interns and Residents (CIR) are trying to expand import of alien
physicians on
temporary non immigrant visas. USA will be greatly benefited from this policy.
Those J-1 img come to USA to be a cheap laborer in the hospital as resident no
matter how senior attending you are in your country. their pay generally is
very bad, they also have to pay the part of their limited salary to
immigration lawyer. After resident, you luckly find the attending job in the
certain areas American don't like to go, which is the requirements by changing
your immigration status, until you got green card. Very good deal to USA,
right? There are almost no reason the alien physician will be rejected until
the market will be saturated after many many may years. See? you don't have to
worry too much about physician job oppertunites, right?


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